Pokoje Gościnne "Renia"

Agrotourism in Kudowa

Guests arriving Kudowa Zdroj looking for different forms of leisure activities - most of them are choosing the standard solutions, while some try something unusual and less popular. One of those are typical alternatives are agro-tourism services. Agritourism gives you Kudowa primarily the possibility of direct contact with nature and wildlife, get to know the true lifestyle of Polish mountain village, and the distribution of the true owner who has his own farm. If you are lucky, and will feel like you can try your hand at work in the wild, or in looking after pigs and breeding animals.

Agro-tourism services are mostly offered by large, traditional farm where you can count on really nice and warm welcome, family atmosphere and a unique opportunity to enjoy rural delicacies and products that cut through all the foods that you eat every day.

We also have an interesting offer Kudowa highways - styled with traditional cottage accommodation will give you the opportunity to stay among the nice people, meet new people and to enjoy the peace and quiet and very calm and nothing unblemished life. Certainly this is very much needed after a year of hard work and reside in a crowded and noisy city.

If you do not have plans to use the vacation offer agrotourism Kudowa and come here as soon as possible.
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Pokoje Gościnne Renia
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